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New LED floodlights for the B pitch in Kornmasch: the first part of the retrofit was completed in 2021, the second part will follow in 2022.

Due to the processing times for the subsidies, the retrofit measure for VfL B├╝ckeburg was split between 2021 and 2022.

In the first construction phase in 2021, the old luminaires on B-Platz were replaced with modern LED floodlights in just one day, including new connections and cabling. This year, the second construction phase will then be carried out with the erection of the poles and installation of the LED floodlight system on the opposite side.

With the new LED floodlight system, not only will evening games finally be able to be played on the B pitch, but electricity savings of up to 50% can also be expected – good news for 2022!

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