Conversion or New Installation

LED Floodlight:
The investment pays off

Modern LED technology has many economic advantages, so that the investment often pays for itself within a few years – regardless of whether you are planning a new sports facility or want to retrofit the floodlighting of an existing sports field. For example, LED spotlights generally consume less energy than conventional spotlights, which has an immediate positive effect on electricity consumption. They have a longer service life, which reduces maintenance and servicing costs. Via the intelligent lighting control via app, only the light that is actually needed is used in play mode, thus additionally saving energy.
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Less Consumption and Maintenance

Cost savings
through the use of
LED Floodlights

If you only take into account the lower power consumption of LED floodlights compared to floodlights with conventional metal halide lamps, you already save about 40% in electricity costs alone. Added to this are the savings from intelligent lighting control such as half-switching or dimming, so that overall savings of over 50% up to 70% can be achieved in energy consumption, depending on individual use. And in addition to lower power consumption, the longer service life of LED spotlights also reduces the cost of repair and maintenance.

Individual Calculation

Your individual offer for an LED floodlight system

The amount of investment for the purchase of an LED floodlight system or for conversion to LED floodlighting cannot be given as a lump sum. Because the costs for the realisation are just as individual as the planning of your new floodlight system. We always plan and calculate specifically for you and your project: individually, transparently and reliably. The basis of our offer is the technical lighting calculation of the sports facility, in which various requirements and key points influence the calculation. These are, among others:

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