If sports fields are also set up for athletics, more light is generally needed than for pure football fields, both for the players and the spectators. This does not only apply to the running tracks around a pitch.

In addition to the running tracks, there are usually several other areas for the various athletics disciplines, such as pole vault, long jump or even shot-put. These special areas also place special demands on the floodlighting system, and this is also taken into account in the lighting design.

Sprinterin auf der Leichtathetikbahn

One example is the area for pole vaulting: here, there must be no light sources in the direction of the athletes’ gaze so that they are not dazzled and irritated during the jump. Also, all areas observed by judges for performance evaluation must have a particularly high vertical illuminance of 1,000 lx (lux).

And when it comes to international competitions, the floodlighting system must also allow for television broadcasts.

Classhorizontal illuminanceGR
E h,av lxE h,min /E h,av

Source: Lichtwissen 08, Fördergemeinschaft Gutes Licht

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